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Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors

Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors To provide a successful entertainment party for 500 medical doctors, it is very important to consider a number of steps: to choose an appropriate convention center, to evaluate the building and think about proper lighting and decorations, to understand how it is better to locate tables, and to occupy the guests with interesting and funny activities.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Considering the fact that it is a cocktail party where guest will not be seated, no speakers are invited, and icebreaker reception is required, it is necessary to pay more attention to available event space and design concept. The Grand Prospect Hall, to be more precise the Grand View Ballroom, is the chosen convention center. It is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn (The Grand Prospect Hall, 2007) and is considered to be one of the most amazing historical plac es in New York. Cocktail parties are available for more than 500 people (Cvent Supplier Network, 2010) so that each guest may enjoy the offered comfort and beauty. The size of the hall provides planners with numerous opportunities to develop any kind of entertainment and invite some famous singers or musicians. Such idea meets the requirement set – all guest will mingle and certainly feel relax. There is no need to organize some thematic party and oblige guests to dress themselves accordingly. Now, more attention should be paid to the design concept for the chosen event. Subdued light is a successful decision to be made because guest may relax, be unnoticeable if necessary, and choose any attitude. As all guests do not have an opportunity to seat, it is necessary to have an empty space in the middle of the room: cocktail tables should be located around the whole room, and some space should be provided between the tables so that the guests are free to stand there and enjoy the time spent. In spite of the fact that there are no places for sitting, it is crucially important to consider some space with chairs in case some guests will be in need to sit and relax. It is also necessary to take into consideration the tables for empty glasses and plates. It is an entertainment party, so, it is possible to make use of funny posters or even helium balloons may be appropriate. It is necessary to consider the fact that these balloons should not prevent appropriate illumination of the room. Another considerable part of entertaining program may be a concert of some singer-star. There is no necessity to listen to the whole concert offered by a star, still pleasant background music seems to be appropriate for a party.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Icebreaker reception for guests may become paper badges with nicknames for each guest. To succeed in such act ivity, the planner should be aware of every guest and have solid background about all of them. Such badges will be helpful for all guests specially for those who are not familiar with each other in a good way. Drinks should be also properly chosen for an entertaining party especial for such party where guests will not be seated (Shock Stefanelli, 2008). It is wrong to have some strong alcoholic drinks like vodka or whisky because guests should be able to control their behavior and communication with each other. In general, the design concept for the event where 500 medical doctors entertain is based on appropriate illumination, a number of balloons to put the guests in a good mood, background life music, and control over drinks. Reference List Shock, P. J. Stefanelli, J.M. (2008). A Meeting Planner’s Guide to Catered Events. John Willey and Sons, Hoboken, NJ. The Grand Prospect Hall. (2007). Retrieved from The Grand Prospect Hall. (2010). Cvent Su pplier Network. Retrieved from

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The Deutsche Mark and its Legacy

The Deutsche Mark and its Legacy Since the Euro crisis occurred, there has been a lot of talk about the common European currency, its pros and cons, and the European Union in general. The euro was introduced in 2002 to standardize the money transactions and to push the European Integration, but from then, many Germans (and, of course, citizens of other members of the EU) still  could not let go of their old, beloved currency. Especially for Germans, it was rather easy to convert the value of their Deutsche Marks into Euros because they  were just about half  the  value. That made the transmission rather easy for them, but it also made it harder to let the Mark disappear from their minds. To  this  day, billions of Deutsche Mark bills and coins are still circulating or just lying somewhere in safes, under mattresses, or in collecting albums. The relationship of the Germans towards their Deutsche Mark has always been something special. The History of The Deutsche Mark This relationship has begun just after the Second World War, as the Reichsmark was no longer in use because of the high inflation and the lack of economic coverage. Therefore, people in post-war Germany did just help themselves by reintroducing a very old and basic way of paying: They practiced barter. Sometimes they bartered food, sometimes resources, but many times they used cigarettes as a currency. Those have been very rare after the war, and therefore, a good thing to swap for other things. In 1947, one single cigarette had the value of about 10 Reichsmark, which equals a purchasing power of about 32 euros today. That is why the expression Zigarettenwhrung has become colloquial, even if other goods are traded on the black market. With the so-called Whrungsreform (currency reform) in 1948, the Deutsche Mark was officially introduced in the three western Besatzungszonen, the allied occupied zones of Germany to prepare the country for a new currency and economic system, and also to stop the flourishing black market. This led to inflation in the Soviet-occupied zone in East-Germany and to the  first tension between the occupants. It forced the Soviets to introduce its own eastern version of the mark in its zone. During the Wirtschaftswunder in the 1960s, the Deutsche Mark became more and more successful,  and in the following years, it became a hard currency with international standing. Even in other countries, it was adopted as legal tender during hard times, such as in  parts of  the former Yugoslavia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is – more or less – still used  today. It was linked to the Deutsche Mark and is  now  linked to the euro, but is called the  Convertible Mark, and the bills and coins have a different look. The Deutsche Mark Today The Deutsche Mark has overcome many hard times and has  always seemed to represent the values of Germany,  such  as  stability and prosperity. That is one of many reasons why people still mourn the days of the Mark, especially during the financial crisis. However, that does  not  seem to be the reason why so many Marks are still circulation, according to the Deutsche Bundesbank. Not only has  a  large amount of the money  been transferred abroad (mainly to  the former Yugoslavia),  but  also, it is sometimes the way  in  which many Germans saved their money over the years. People often mistrusted the banks, especially the older generation, and just hid cash somewhere in the house. Thats why many cases are documented where large amounts of Deutsche Marks are discovered in houses or flats after the occupants died. After all, in most of the cases, the money might have  just been forgotten- not only in hiding places but also in pants, jackets, or old wallets. Also, much of the money that is still circulating is just waiting in collectors albums to be found. Over the years, the Bundesbank has always published new specially-made coins to collect, most of them with a nominal value of 5 or 10 Marks. The good thing is, though, that one can still change Deutsche Marks into euros at the Bundesbank in the exchange rate of 2002. You can also return bills to the bank and get them replaced if they are (partially) damaged. In case you find an album full of  a D-Mark collectors coins, send them to the Bundesbank and get them exchanged. Some of them can be very precious today. If they are not, with the increasing silver prices, it  might be a better idea to get them melted down.

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Critical annotated webliography Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Critical webliography - Annotated Bibliography Example or problem of public health among adolescents in Ireland, due to the fact that it exacerbates the respiratory conditions, decreases the lung volumes’ growth when the lung is exposed to smoke before maximum growth and is also an independent risk factor for the lung cancer. The quote above indicates the extent of effect tobacco smoking has had on the young people. This trend should be discouraged at all costs. The website reports that studies have proved that smoking initiation at an early stage in life poses a greater risk of cancer, years of tobacco smoking and independent of tobacco smoking intensity, due to the mutation of the cell in the underdeveloped tissue resulting to the malignant potential in the long run. According to the department of Health, â€Å"the Government approved the principle of prohibiting smoking in cars with children present† (Web). Indeed, this is a clear prove that smoking among young people is of a great concern. In a nutshell, this website has adequate information that will be useful to the researcher when carrying out research on tobacco smoking. Moreover, the quote above has highlighted some of the measures put in place to ensure that there is a reduction in smoking by the young people. These measures are significant and more should be put in place. This website is relevant when carrying out research on tobacco smoking since it contains studies that have been carried out on the various aspect of tobacco smoking including its dangers. Reported in the website, the Department of Children and Health in Ireland came up with a policy document that was titled Ireland a Smoke Free Zone: Towards a Tobacco Free Society. The policy document was formulated with an aim of reducing the smoking levels within the Irish society in order to prevent children from developing smoking habits. There are five main priority areas that were identified in the context of young people and the children reducing the smoking rates as well as the effects of the

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Gender Roles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gender Roles - Essay Example Gender roles These gender roles assumed in childhood were expected to continue to adulthood. The roles are passed from generation to generation though modifications occur such that roles or traits previously associated with males become apparent in females and vice versa. Adults tend to treat boys and girls differently right from infancy. This essay focuses on the gender roles and expectations on male and females in the society. The essay also depicts the different expectations that the society particularly parents have on the gender roles and how these perspectives affect the upbringing of boys and girls. Gender divergence creates a division between boys and girls and it becomes extremely hard to change the perception thus humans end up being categorized into males and females differentiated by their roles. For example, my brother and I were born in Angola. Right from childhood, we received differing attention and treatment. I was treated as if I was too delicate than my brother. Sometimes I wou ld demand for explanations but all I got was that men were supposed to be strong while girls required protection. This is a common phenomenon where most parents tend to shelter girls more than they protect the boy. Girls are appreciated depending on their appearance in terms of tidiness and organization while boys receive appraisal based on their achievements. Such actions persuade boys to be confident, competitive and develop a sense of independence while girls are encouraged to be caring, pleasant, as well as dependent. This results in a society where men are decision makers while women are supposed to go along the decisions. (Lindsey 122-130). Another difference that was eminent when my brother and I were growing up was the different ways in which our rooms were decorated. My room was filled with baby dolls and while my brothers was beautified with wall hangings with aircrafts and machines. My brother also had plenty of toys such as toy guns and cars, which I was not allowed to p lay with. Sometimes, I would disobey the decree and play with my brother’s toy. However, I was greatly ridiculed if met by other girls playing with my brother’s toy and they would refer to me as ‘Tom boy’. Another difference that arises when boys and children are being brought up is the difference in the roles they are accorded. The gender differences that eventually arise between boys and girls are socially built (Lindsey 25-28). Referring to my case, I was expected to help my mother in the household duties such as cleaning dishes. Conversely, my brother was always out playing or assisted the gardener in mowing. The kind of people children develop into is enormously determined by what they watch their parents do or what they are obliged to do. My mother did the house tasks while my father toiled for the family. When I was 12 years old, I told my mother that I was bleeding and she said that was my period. From this time to my 18, she was so worried about m e having sex because I could get pregnant, telling me that am too young to have a boyfriend. I was restricted from going out with boys since my mother feared that they could influence me negatively or impregnate me. On the contrary, my brother was free to go out and have fun with his friends. At the age of fourteen, my brother would come home at eight in the evening and my parents seemed less concerned

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An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Gene

An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Genetically Modified Coffee A recent upsurge of opposition to the production of genetically modified crops has farmers all over America asking themselves one question: To modify or not to modify? Genetically modified (GM) crops allow farmers to use fewer pesticides while still achieving the same yields. American farmers have planted GM crops since 1995 and, at least for the first few years, had no problems selling these products to the public. Recently, however, there has been a movement by several activist groups, some of which have the support of accredited scientists, to make a distinction on grocery store shelves between GM foods and those that were produced normally. This process, called labeling, strikes fear in the hearts of most farmers who are afraid that an uninformed American public will steer clear of the GM crops â€Å"just to be on the safe side.† The fact of the matter is that Americans have been eating these altered crops since 1995 and no one has been harmed. This simple albeit so mehow debatable fact did not stop one interest group from taking out several full-page ads in the New York Times warning of the dangers of these newfangled foods (Isserman, 2001). This, like many technological advances has met much resistance, but it will ultimately be accepted and change the face of agriculture. The decision of whether to produce GM crops is based more on politics than on practice. Farmers are not interested in deciding which type of crop is better for consumers, better for the environment, or better for the world, but instead are only concerned with which type of crop consumers are willing to buy. Farmers were once faced with th... ... Promoting GM. 13 Nov. 2002. Institute of Science and Society. 13 Dec. 2002. Kwon, Y.W. and Kim, D. (2000). Herbicide-resistant genetically-modified crop; its risks with an emphasis on gene flow. Weed Biology and Management 1, 42-52. Watkinson, A.R. et al. (2000). Predictions of biodiversity response to genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops. Science 289, 1554-1557. Isserman, A.M. et al. (2001). Genetically modified food. American Behavioral Scientist 44, 8. Sheehy, H. et al. (1998). Consumer and biotechnology: A synopsis of survey and focus group research. Journal of Consumer Policy 21, 359-386. Verfaillie, Hendrick. Our Commitments - Environmental & Social Responsibility: Monsanto Pledge. 10 Dec. 2002. Monsanto.

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Dannon Case Analysis Essay

In 2007 and 2008, Dannon, the #2 yogurt provider, was losing valuable market share to its top competitor Yoplait. Despite the growth opportunity in the domestic U.S. yogurt market, Dannon’s growth had surprisingly slowed. At the end of 2008 Yoplait was the U.S. yogurt market leader with 35.4% of the market dollar share while Dannon only held 28.9% of the market. Yoplait held a competitive advantage over Dannon that gave it a huge leg-up. Dannon lacked the external CSR that had come to build Yoplait a valuable and loyal brand following. Most notably was the â€Å"Save Lids to Save Lives† breast cancer awareness campaign that Yoplait put on every year since 1997. Dannon had their own CSR initiatives; however, they were internally communicated. This ended up hurting Dannon’s exposure and community relations in the market place. To be a formidable competitor for Yoplait, Dannon must eliminate Yoplait’s CSR competitive advantage while customizing its own CSR initiatives to generate new sales opportunities. The U.S. is not a large consumer for yogurt. Comparatively speaking, France and Switzerland consume over four times as much yogurt as the United States despite being sizably smaller. If Dannon uses external CSR to show consumers that eating Dannon yogurt is an important staple in a healthy diet, this can generate new sales opportunities for Dannon. Externally communicating these messages to the public allows Dannon to show-off the time and money they spent researching the health benefits of yogurt. Not only can Dannon eliminate Yoplait’s competitive advantage but it can also grow new revenue streams by educating people that yogurt is a valuable and essential part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. Problem Statement Despite heavy marketing efforts in a growing U.S. yogurt market, Dannon was stagnant as the #2 Yogurt producer in the domestic U.S. and was unable to take over Yoplait for the #1 spot in 2009. Dannon was not only unsuccessful in leap frogging Yoplait to become the #1 yogurt producer, they were also losing market share at the same time. Data Analysis  In 2008, Yoplait stood as #1 in the market place with a 35.4% market dollar compared to Dannon who held a 28.9% market share. 67% of Yoplait’s sales were comprised of the Light and Staples segments. This number is staggering considering that Dannon’s overall company mission is â€Å"bringing health through food to as many people as possible.† Dannon also has â€Å"The Dannon Institute† foundation, which was active in research and education on healthy eating and dieting. Despite the mission of the company and the research that Dannon conducted, Yoplait was far more successful because of the external communication of their CSR. Since 1997, Yoplait has run its â€Å"Save Lids to Save Lives† breast cancer awareness campaign. It is well-known by consumers and this external CSR has allowed Yoplait to build a strong and loyal brand. Even though Dannon has done their own CSR initiatives, they were communicated internally as most consumers were unaware of the Dannon Institute and what is done there. According to a survey done by the branding company Landor Associates, 77% of consumers think that companies should engage in social responsibility. If people are unaware that Dannon is being socially responsible then this could explain why they are not competing as much as they could be in the Light and Staples segments. Alternatives 1. Dannon could externally communicate their CSR to make consumers aware of the internal CSR they were already doing. 2. Dannon could increase their marketing and advertising budget in the Light and Staples segments to attempt to pry-away market share from Yoplait. 3. Dannon could run special taste testing promotions at retail outlets to get people to try and hopefully like their yogurt. 4. The company could advertise as the corporate company of Dannon rather than focus the advertising on the individual brands like it already does. Key Decision Criteria 1. Increase sales and market share 2. Increase customer satisfaction and corporate image 3. Be consistent with corporate mission or strategy 4. Improve (or at least maintain) profitability 5. Within our present resources or capabilities 6. Within acceptable risk parameters 7. Ease or speed of implantation 8. Minimize environmental impact 9. Maintain and build employee morale and pride Alternatives Analysis 1. Even though Dannon has been partaking in CSR for quite some time it has always been done internally rather than externally. Because of this, consumers are unaware of the Dannon Institute, which has been active in researching and educating about healthy eating. If Dannon communicated this to its audience it could enlighten people on the benefits of healthy eating and how yogurt could be a healthy staple to people’s diet. This could potentially cause more people to purchase yogurt and also cause current yogurt buyers to purchase more frequent. The negative to this is that these CSR efforts could be seen as a copy-cat to Yoplait. People may not believe the findings, as they could think these findings are just a sales pitch to get them to believe that they should buy yogurt. Also, there is no measurable ROI for this strategy. 2. Increasing their marketing budget for the light and staples segments could give Dannon a lot more exposure that potentially could take away the huge market share that Yoplait holds. With Activia already a huge success, the increase in marketing is two-fold. It aims to generate new buyers as well as aiming to get current customers (such as Activia buyers) to purchase their products in other segments. The negatives of this are the cost. Dannon would be spending more money without having any differentiation or competitive advantage over Yoplait that would cause customer’s to switch. 3. The advantages to taste testing are self-explanatory because the hardest part of getting someone to buy a product is the fact that they need to be willing to try it first. Giving people a free chance to try it can give them a gauge to see if they like it. It also gives current Yoplait buyers the chance to see if they may like Dannon’s taste better. The biggest con is the cost because Dannon is giving away free product. For the promotion to have any chance of success, yogurt would need to be given free to thousands of retail outlets across America which is a huge initial hit on profit. Another con is that yogurt is not a staple of the American diet so new; non-yogurt eaters may not even be willing to try it in the first place. 4. Currently, Dannon advertises by their individual brand. By advertising on the corporate level it could give credibility to the Dannon brand altogether. This credibility could give a competitive advantage through engagement with the community and customers. The biggest problem with this is that Yoplait had been doing this for years with their â€Å"Save Lids to Save Lives† campaign. This gave Yoplait a sizeable competitive advantage. Because something like this was already being done by Yoplait the effects of Dannon mimicking Yoplait would barely yield, if any, competitive advantage. Recommendations  Based on the facts presented, I think it is important for Dannon to externally communicate their CSR initiatives. Yoplait has had a sizeable competitive advantage with their â€Å"Save Lids to Save Lives† campagain which has given them a leg-up on Dannon since 1997. The reason for Dannon to externally communicate their CSR efforts is two-fold. To eliminate the competitive advantage Yoplait currently holds as well as educating consumers about the health benefits of yogurt to generate new and residual revenue for the company. In regards to Dannon’s CSR, they have some of the best kept secrets going. The problem with that is that they are currently secrets and customers don’t know about their internal CSR efforts regarding people, nutrition and health and nature. The Dannon Institute has been around since 1991, with the mission â€Å"to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge on diet and nutrition to benefit public health.† Had Dannon externally communicated this when they first launched the Dannon Institute they could have held the competitive advantage that Yoplait currently holds. It is crucial for Dannon to externally communicate the projects and research that they are currently doing so that it lessens from marketability and uniqueness of Yoplait’s CSR. In regards to potentially facing backlash for what appears to be copying Yoplait’s CSR efforts, this is not the case for Dannon because the two efforts are much different. Yoplait is simply donating and engaging customers to donate towards a worthy cause. Dannon, on the other hand, is actively engaging in research on healthy eating and the benefits of how yogurt can improve health and quality of life. Yoplait is not actively engaging in breast cancer research. While they are promoting a worthy cause, they are not doing so hands-on. Dannon is not simply donating money to â€Å"look good in the public eye,† but rather, they are spending time and money to investigate how their products promote a healthy life-style and how engaging children in a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases such as a diabetes and obesity. This is much different than what Yoplait is doing and may even lead to a slight competitive advantage in Dannon’s corner for their active engagement regarding healthy eating and the benefits for children who follow a healthy life-style. The biggest benefit of externally communicating Dannon’s CSR is generating new sales by educating consumers about the health benefits of yogurt. Yogurt is more of a staple in Europe, where France in Switzerland consumer over four times as much yogurt as the United States despite being much smaller in population. This is why there is excellent potential growth in the U.S. yogurt market. The big question is how does Dannon convince the U.S. population to buy more yogurt? The answer is educating them on the health benefits of yogurt and why it is an important staple of a healthy diet. The U.S. economy is a huge market for dietary supplements. In 2006, The Economic Impact Report, completed by Dobson | DaVanzo, a Washington D.C.-based economic research firm, quantified that the dietary supplement business was responsible for over $20 billion dollars in sales. This is over six times larger than the domestic U.S. yogurt market. People in the U.S. are very active consumers when it comes to buying products that will help them lose weight. Dannon can cash in on untapped potential by externally communicating the weight-loss benefits of adding yogurt to a healthy diet. People buy dietary supplements because they are advertised to aid in weight loss. By marketing and educating the public on the research that Dannon yogurt can also aid in weight loss may result in a spike of sales while also regaining the lost market share to Yoplait. Action and Implementation Plan Dannon’s Executive Committee is to meet immediately. Marc Jove Gesti, the Senior Vice President of Marketing will be responsible for drafting and crafting a commercial and press release about the Dannon Institute, its previous findings and their current projects. Ken Strick, the VP & General Counsel will be responsible for reviewing and revising any legal aspects. These include claims such as â€Å"Yogurt, when consumed with a healthy and balanced diet can help aid in weight loss.† This prevents anyone from suing the company who thought they could eat yogurt in combination with any other type of food and expect to still lose weight. Eric O’Toole, Vice President of Sales will work to explore new opportunities with health and supplement companies such as GNC. When the word gets publicized about how Yogurt plays a valuable part in weight-loss and dieting, Dannon can market and sell its product across stores where dietary supplements are sold. Lastly, Albe Wendt, Vic e President Research and Development will work on developing a high-protein yogurt that is crucial for post-workout recovery as well as helping people reach their recommended daily protein intake.

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Essay on LS Unit 521 - 878 Words

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Learner Name: Unit Title: 521 Facilitate and development of effective group practice in health and social care or children and young people’s setting Learner statement Assessor Use Only- Assessment Criteria Met Learner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria. You must provide answers to each question that allow your assessor to properly assess what work duties you are doing or what role you have within your work. It expected that you will need approximately 300 words per question. The more detail you provide the less likely your account will be sent back for more clarification. You must answer each question in your own words and written in the†¦show more content†¦It goes on to distinguish between `relatively small and neighbourhood centred` work and `macro, societal and political approaches` within community work, explaining that only the former may be properly classified as group work. Thus the role of group work can be seen as one which places emphasis on sharing of thoughts, ideas, problems and activities. 1.2 Explain how to form and maintain a cohesive and effective group 1.3 Explain how different facilitation styles may influence each of the following Group dynamics Lifecycle of the group Group outcomes Development of roles within the group 1.4 Explain why it is important to be clear about the purpose and desired outcomes for the group 1.5 Explain how you analyse the importance of participant engagement in achieving group outcomes Learning Outcome 2- Be able to create a climate that facilitates effective groups in health and social care or children and young people’s work settings 2.1 Explain how you evaluate methods that may be utilised in facilitating groups 2.2 Explain how you prepare an environment that is conducive to the functioning of the group 2.3 Explain how you work with a group/s to agree acceptable group and individual behavior. 2.4 Explain how you work with a group to negotiate and agree tasks, desiredShow MoreRelatedProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesFirst Edition Project Management The Managerial Process Fifth Edition Erik W. Larson Oregon State University Clifford F. Gray Oregon State University PROJECT MANAGEMENT: THE MANAGERIAL PROCESS Published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020. Copyright  © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any meansRead MoreOperations Management23559 Words   |  95 Pagesset of tools for operations manager Decision analysis a set of quantitative decision-making decisiontechniques for decision situations in which uncertainty exists Example of an uncertain situation demand for a product may vary between 0 and 200 units, depending on the state of market Supplement 1-45 1- Decision Making Without Probabilities States of nature Events that may occur in the future Examples of states of nature: high or low demand for a product good or bad economic conditions Read MoreQuality Improvement328284 Words   |  1314 Pagescentered at the desired or target value. However, the distribution of the critical characteristics for the transmissions manufactured in the United States takes up about 75% of the width of the specifications, implying that very few nonconforming units would be produced. In fact, the plant was producing at a quality level that was quite good, based on the generally accepted view of quality within the company. In contrast, the Japanese plant produced transmissions for which the same critical characteristicsRead MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 PagesRockefeller Plaza 15th Floor New York, NY 10019 212-872-9280 fax: 212-956-0933 Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas Detroit Los Angeles San Francisco Australia France Hong Kong India Japan UAE United Kingdom 404-256-3800 978-287-5400 312-575-1100 214-521-6116 248-524-9000 323-467-5906 415-986-7762 612-9252-3476 33-01-4643-0066 852-237-52311 91-11-4353-0811 81-03-3541-4166 971-4-228-7708 44-20-7833-3733 For all other inquiries, please call 212-872-9280. For advertising contact information, pleaseRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesproduct life cycle. At its simplest it is depicted as a normal curve over time with regularly growing then declining demand. âž ¡ Strategy unfolds over a sequence of time periods. Competition evolves through a series of skirmishes and battles across the units of time covered by the product life cycle. âž ¡ Single-period profit is a function of: âž ¡ âž ¡ âž ¡ The price level ruling for the period The accumulated volume experience of the enterprise The enterprise’s achieved volume as a proportion of capacity. Read MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages the Society of Human Resource Management, and most recently as head of HR at Yahoo. She was recently interviewed by Workforce Management about the biggest challenges facing HR leaders: WM: What are the biggest challenges these days for HR leaders? LS: I think the talent marketplace in the last two or three years has changed so dramatically that almost everything we do in HR has got to change with it. The evolution of the Internet, social media, the global economy, the Gen Y generation coming of